Our Story

Our Family Serving Yours...Since 1984.


Our Story

The name "Peppino" is mine. I'm Joe, and as a child my mom called me Peppino. My parents, Carlo and Antonetta, were both born in Naples, Italy. They moved to Troy, New York where they raised three children. I've been watching my mother cook for as long as I could remember, preparing delicious Italian dishes in a sparkling clean kitchen, always saying, "Peppino, cook and clean." With a passion for cooking, I attended chef's school in New York. After three months and a lot of tuition money, I found out that the best cook I've ever known is my mother.

Our first restaurant opened on April 16, 1984. I was the cook and doorman. My father was the dishwasher and handyman, and he was the best. My sisters Gina and Lina were waitresses. I also have three wonderful children Carlo, Antonetta and Joey.

Because of our customers' loyalty and love of good food, our restaurants have expanded into several different locations in many areas of Southern California. With the help of my family and friends, and of course my wonderful customers who are more friends than numbers, I am able to grow.

We always use the finest ingredients to bring out the best flavor in our entrees. Whether you are dining in one of our restaurants or taking this meal home, you can be assured that the love of food that has been a family value is in every entree that is served.

Always Yours Truly,

Joseph Moscatiello